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Asparagus Battle (Foie Gras OT) - Chen vs. Corby
Date Added: Feb 18, 2008 10:56 PM
Description: Overtime Battle to Foie Gras (728)

After the first battle, the scores were tied at 78. This was the 6th overtime battle in Kitchen Stadium. After tasting 10 Foie Gras dishes during the main battle, the tasters may not be able to handle much more!
Judges: Tenmei Kanoh (Photographer), Yuko Asano (Actress), Norio Fukutome (Newscaster), Kazuko Hosoki
Iron Chef: Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi
Theme Ingredient: Asparagus
Challenger: Dominique Corby
O. A.: 8/6/1999
Last Download: Oct 23, 2017 06:24 AM
Downloads: 4380
(16 Ratings) 
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Posted By: Ripplin
Posted On: Nov 16, 2012 12:13 AM
Again, Watch. It. Now.

Again, an ingredient that I figured Chen might actually be at a disadvantage with, since French chefs seem to use it a lot, but, again, he did extremely well. And, again, the challenger did extremely well. Only one slightly negative comment during the tasting, prompting a typical funny, blunt response from Hosoki. This battle, along with the one that led to it, is one for the ages! Must see TV!

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