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Short Pasta Battle - Kobe vs. Hagiwara
Date Added: May 29, 2011 06:29 AM
Description: This is the debut battle of Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe.

It has been four years since Kitchen Stadium opened. We travel to one of the best Italian restaurants in the world, Inotecha Pinchiori, to find the newest Iron Chef, Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe (27).

The challenger has been in Kitchen Stadium before. He battled Iron Chef Chen Kenichi back in 1995, in the Scampi Battle. He is considered one of the best pasta chefs in Japan. This has to be the first battle where the challenger actually has more experience in Kitchen Stadium than the Iron Chef. There will be one later when one of Michiba\'s former assistants battles Morimoto in only his 5th appearance as Iron Chef. (Sweetfish - 620)

Kaga welcomes the challenger and summons the three Iron Chefs. He then tells the challenger, \"Of course, today you will not be doing battle with these three.\"

The first thing you will notice once the gong of fate sounds is that deliberate pace with which Kobe approaches the theme. This may be the only time I have ever seen him not running to the podium to get his ingredients. He is moving as slowly as I have ever seen him move. Every now and then, Kobe gets a look of confusion, but that is somewhat understandable as it is his first battle. (And does Otah talk fast or what? I try to listen for words I know, but geez is he fast.) They keep mentioning the fact that Kobe is 27 years old.

In the royal box today are challengers from previous battles. (Yamada (Cabbage - 217), Kobayashi (Pumpkin - 242), Osako (Mushroom - 234), Uetake (Peach - 437), Kitami (Tomato - 210))
Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Masumi Okada (Actor), Kazuko Katoh (Actress), Asako Kishi
Iron Chef: Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe
Theme Ingredient: Short Pasta
Challenger: Masahiko Hagiwara
O. A.: 6/13/1997
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Last Download: Oct 23, 2017 06:43 AM
Downloads: 2166
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Posted By: Ripplin
Posted On: Jul 03, 2012 09:25 PM
Odd but memorable

First of all, why didn't Food Network air this one?! We'll never understand their rationale, I guess...

The reason I say odd is because they gave Kobe a fake (I assume) backstory (which wasn't mentioned in the teasers at the end of the previous couple of episodes), then he didn't even talk before the battle! It was like 80% challenger story, 20% Kobe. Felt strange. Anyway, a good, memorable battle. Always nice to see past challengers return and they had some excellent ones there. The interviews and shots of the other Iron Chefs were nice too. They made some great-looking dishes. I was impressed with the way Kobe made those cocoa pieces. Very quick and efficient and they were so uniform, too.

Definitely a must see battle!

Posted By: KelGapGlurf
Posted On: Jun 17, 2017 08:50 PM
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