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Akaza Ebi Battle - Kurogi vs. Ito
Date Added: Nov 02, 2012 05:11 PM
Description: The challenger is a chef from Iwate Prefecture. This is the first time Iron Chef Japanese Kurogi Jun will do battle in Kitchen Stadium.

This episode is in Japanese with no subtitles.
Iron Chef: Iron Chef Japanese Kurogi Jun
Theme Ingredient: Akaza Ebi (Japanese Lobster)
Challenger: Katsuyasu Ito
O. A.: 11/2/12
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Last Download: Oct 23, 2017 12:19 AM
Downloads: 2916
(7 Ratings) 
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Posted By: bubs017
Posted On: Nov 05, 2012 04:19 PM
Couldn't get them to download!

I want soooo much to put these in my collection, but all I can do is stream them.  Any ideas on how I can get them to save to my hard drive?

Posted By: tuthead
Posted On: Nov 05, 2012 05:34 PM
To Download

I copied and pasted this from another episode page.

Another thing you might be able to do to download instead of playing the file: When you click on the "Download" button, the page it takes you to says "Click here if you are not redirected automatically." You can right click on that link and choose "Download linked file as. . ." to download the file. 

Posted By: bubs017
Posted On: Nov 08, 2012 05:10 PM
Yeah, I tried that...

But it didn't work.  I'm using Windows 7, and the only save option was "Save Link As" and when I selected that, nothing happened! 

Posted By: tuthead
Posted On: Nov 12, 2012 12:12 AM
Zipped File

Zipped so it won\'t trigger your media player to automatically play it.

Posted By: Ripplin
Posted On: May 22, 2013 09:47 PM

I'm only 2 episodes in and I'm missing it already... :( This was a very good episode, with what seemed to be a very important challenger. (Miwa? Want to explain who he is to us, please?) Nice debut for Kurogi, who reminds me a bit of Anchang from Sex Machineguns. :) There were some very impressive-looking dishes. Kurogi used a lot of color! I think he must've scored very high in presentation. I like that they used some of the eggs as-is. The color is amazing when they're raw.

Posted By: KelGapGlurf
Posted On: Jun 16, 2017 08:33 AM
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