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Iron Chef Ryouri World Cup
Date Added: Jul 22, 2013 06:05 PM
Description: American food isn\'t just hamburgers and hot dogs. American chefs are becoming more of a force on the world stage. In April 2013, there were 6 American restaurants in the World Best Restaurant 50.

The three American challengers for this special are:
--Frank Ruta, owner/chef of Palena in Washington, DC.
--Tony Maws, owner/chef of Craigie on Main in Boston. (Follow him on Twitter)
--Eric Ziebold, head chef of CityZen at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC. (Follow him on Twitter)

The theme will be Beef for the all four quarters of the battle. The first three quarters will feature one-on-one matchups between the chefs: (Ruta vs. Suga, Maws vs. Kurogi, Ziebold vs. Wakiya). The fourth quarter will be a team match featuring all six chefs. Who will come out on top?
Iron Chef: Yosuke Suga, Jun Kurogi, Yuji Wakiya
Theme Ingredient: Beef
Challenger: Frank Ruta, Tony Maws, Eric Ziebold
O. A.: 07/03/2013
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Last Download: May 22, 2017 09:17 PM
Downloads: 1987
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